Hamlet Act One Questions (Example)

Hamlet Act One Questions (Example)

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Name Instructor Course Date Hamlet Act One Act 1 scene 1 Why is Horatio among the guards in the opening scene? (9) Horatio is present at the request of the night guards to be shown the presence of a ghost that was appearing to them during the night (Shakespeare 1911). What enemies of Denmark are revealed through Horatio’s comments on the ghost’s appearance? (13) Norway armies and the poles are the revealed enemies of Denmark according to the remarks of Horatio (Shakespeare 1911). Marcellus asks Horatio why their country is gearing for war. What is the possible coming conflict and for what reasons did it arise? (13-15) The conflict that is about to arise is of land that was at some point owned by Norway which the prince of Norway was planning to reacquire. The reason for the conflict is that King Hamlet had acquired the land when he mortal death the king as it was caused by being poisoned by Claudius. The ghost also asks Hamlet not to harm his mother the Queen and leave her sense of right and wrong deal with her as she was lured into the lustful gain of power by Claudius (Shakespeare 1911). From the ghost’s speech why might he have been sent to hell? (59) The speech reveals that he might have been sent to hell because of the wrongdoings and the bad acts that he had committed when mortal. Hamlet makes his men promise two things. What are they? (65-67) Hamlet asks his men to promise not to disclose whatever they have witnesses to anybody. He also makes them promise not to show any reason for him pretending to become insane (Shakespeare 1911). Work cited Shakespeare William. The Tragical History of Hamlet Prince of Denmark. A. & C. Black 1911. []

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READ. answer questions in the file. if done well I also have all the other acts two to five questions.

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