hamlet english paper

The student will write a 7 page plus a cite page. so a total of 8 pages that demonstrates the ability to do the following:

integrate research with ideas and evaluation

base the paper on adequate scholarly material and write it in nontechnical language

use standard scholarly practice for MLA documentation and source citation

avoid plagiarism.

The MLA source citation and quote citation requirements for this essay are the same as previous essays:

An appropriate primary source included in the introduction and listed on the Works Cited page

Primary quotations in required MLA format

Secondary quotations from scholarly sources that directly address the primary source

The final page of the essay is the Works Cited page to list the sources referenced. Refer to the format sheet, example on the DB and other resources to compose a properly formatted Works Cited page.

As opposed to persuasion, the objective for this essay is to research the characteristics of a movement, such as Modernism, The Harlem Renaissance, or Dark Romanticism or to analyze some pattern of development within a primary source.

A pattern of development might consider Shakespeare’s use of Greek mythological references in Hamlet.

Regardless of topic, students will introduce and analyze a primary source that illustrates the characteristics of the movement or pattern of development that is being discussed. For example, if you are interested in Modernism, you would include the following information:

-Define the movement

– Include the context (when and where it took place)

– Briefly mention the major writers and major works of the movement

– Major themes

Introduce and analyze a primary source which illustrates the movement or pattern of development.

An original thesis or pattern of development is highly encouraged.

As always posting the intro and thesis to the appropriate thread is highly recommended, so I can see if you’re heading in the right direction. When composing the intro and thesis, make sure you include the primary source that will be the focus of the rest of the analysis.

Please remember to PROOFREAD your essay for grammar, punctuation and format errors before submitting. This is what essentially separates the “A” papers from “B” and “C” papers.

Failure to submit a final essay will result in the failure of the course.

The primary source for the final essay cannot be the same as primary sources of previous essays.

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