Harlem Renaissance Poetry Essay (Example)

Harlem Renaissance Poetry Essay (Example)

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Name Tutor Course Date Essay on Langston Hughes’s “I Too Sing America” and Countee Cullen’s “Incident” A situation can be interpreted into different meanings when expressed through a word of the poem. A poet can make a reader think of several meanings when reading a poem. Hughes and Cullen wrote these two poems “I Too Sing America” and “Incident” to reveal black identity and the injustices faced by the blacks. Use of simple words by the authors such as “I” and “Incident” allow easy interpretations and reading. “I Too Sing America” and “Incident” are two comparable poems in that written in a different setting both discussed on the same theme about racism. As clearly explained in the poet’s work African Americans were the minorities in the white society during 1920’s. The poets are expressing their belief that blacks are a valuable part of the country’s population. African Americans are Americans too and they should not be segregated because of the color of their skin (Smith 45). Works cited: Cullen the voice of the Harlem Renaissance. Anchor Books 1991. Hughes Langston. “I too.” The collected poems of Langston Hughes (1994). Smith Bessie and Talented Tenth. “The Roaring 20s.” (1988). []

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I need an essay which is going to be based on the poems written after the Harlem Renaissance. You will have to write a carefully reasoned, typed, double-spaced, 2-page response essay to one of the prompts given in the rubric. Even though there are 5 prompts given for you, I want you to choose between the first one or the fourth one. I will attach both the poems and the directions below.

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