have you ever read quot the lottery by shirley jackson quot

begin with a close reading of “The Lottery.” How do the various parts of the virtual it describes fi together to give an overall impression of the authors purpose in describing the event and its participants? What does the story seem to be about? what can you inform patterns of behavior that characters exhibit? What issues do the characters and their actions raise for a reader? Focus on specific details that help illustrate and explain your understanding of the story.

Then do additional research to clarify your understanding of the story and/ or an issue that it raises. Read and summarize two academic articles from internet. They should have some relevance to the point you are developing, whether that point involves an interpretation of the story itself or an idea you wish to argue about some theme the story raises for you.

ADOPT A PUBLIC VOICE: address your readers an audience that shares your knowledge of the short story. Draw conclusion on what the story may express about family, gender, human psychology in general. Does it holds a lesson? How, finally, would you judge /catagorize its point of view?


Source may need: THE LOTTERY BY SHIRLEY JACKSON (1948)

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