Health and Lit week 3 Cutting for Stone (Example)

Health and Lit week 3 Cutting for Stone (Example)

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Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Cutting for Stone Cutting for Stone offers insight into the world of medicine and a wealth of clear-cut details about how doctors work. All the main figures in this novel are medical staff most of the doctors. The novel portrays doctors as individuals who operate for their own understanding of medicine and also the meaning of the oaths they take (Verghese 225). This novel shows that doctors believe that ministering to their patients will heal their woundedness. The doctors have been portrayed as individuals who conclusion the emotional lives of doctors impacts their potential to deliver quality care. Each doctor has a unique reason that draws them to the practice of medicine and it is that reason that motivates their progress in the practice. When it comes to medicine caregivers ought to be sensitive to a patient’s cultural practices as cultural beliefs directly impacts treatment options and interventions. Questions How does narrative medicine benefit a healthcare provider? Can healing be effective through stories? Work Cited Verghese A. (2009). Cutting for Stone. (2009) ed. 183-373. []

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Verghese, A. (2009). Cutting for stone: a novel. Knopf. (pages 183 -373 Part 3 What does Cutting for Stone reveal about the emotional lives of doctors? Contrast the attitudes of Hema, Ghosh, Marion, Shiva, and Thomas Stone toward their work. What draws each of them to the practice of medicine? How are they affected, emotionally and otherwise, by the work they do? What frustrations does the narrator have between himself and other characters? What cultural practices has the author mentioned in these sections as relates to health practices of the people, health providers (doctors, nurses), patient Based on the week’s readings, formulate two open-ended questions that would generate a discussion on the topics covered this week. The questions should lead discussions and not answered in a yes or no format. Your classmates will respond to one of your questions. Here are examples: As a health provider, physician, nurse how can learning (reading/writing) narratives influence their work in providing health care? What is the significance of narrative medicine? How long should a health provider spend with a patient to listen to their stories. Explain your response How does narrative medicine affect the sick, or people with health issues?

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