Health Belief Model/Transtheoretical Model: Eliminating/Diminishing Sugar Intake

Health Belief Model/Transtheoretical Model: Eliminating/Diminishing Sugar Intake

Health Belief Model: Eliminating/diminishing stress Perceived susceptibility : I am very likely to experience stressors on an everyday basis.

Perceived benefits: The concept of eliminating key stressors in my life will substantially increase my levels of happiness, peace, and overall health (both physically and mentally).

Perceived barriers: I am concerned that the key stressors I face are on a day to day basis. Sports in particular are every day, twice a day. I feel that I am constantly worried about doing something wrong and the consequences that will therefore ensue. Not knowing what will set my coach off on that particular day and stressing about everything I do will be an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome.

Perceived seriousness: It is pertinent to my health that I succeed in eliminating at least some stress. My stress levels are constantly high and both my physical and mental health are suffering. Persistent exhaustion, a weakened immune system, as well as feeling emotionally void and no longer feeling happy about the things I once did are just some of the side effects from my stress.

Modifying variables: I must make a choice as to whether or not the stress is worth the reward. Or, in a much more optimistic goal, find a happy me​dium between the two. Cues to action: The cue to action for me was when I started to become less social. I wasn’t being myself in the slightest and I was constantly isolating myself from groups. My overall personality is very extroverted, charismatic, social, and generally very happy ; so when I started to see that I wasn’t enjoying life, I knew I needed to change something Self-efficiency: I know that this will be challenging and one way or another my decision will come with a cost. However, I know that what I will lose in one area, I will gain in another. My health is incredibly important to me, so if I have any opportunities to improve my health, I will take them.



Transtheoretical Model: ​Eliminating/diminishing stress

Precontemplation: Before I was stressed, I didn’t see a need to diminish my stress; however, as life became increasingly stress I contemplated whether or not I should make some changes. Contemplation: Thinking about changing my life in order to relieve some stress began as more of an afterthought. I was more concerned with pleasing others rather than staying true to myself. Contemplating quitting and giving up or staying and trying to work out a way to both continue to play and have it be less stressful. Preparation: Making my goals:

1. Be true to myself regardless of the consequences. 2. Speak up even when other won’t ​/ ​not being afraid to express my issues 3. Opening up and being more vulnerable with my teammates ​/​ letting them know how I

really feel 4. Regardless of what others say, continuing to put my best foot forward and standing up for

myself 5. Not letting the opinions of others matter to me because at the end of the day I know who I

am and what I am capable of Action: Sticking to my goals and following the program. Expressing myself and being true to​ me​ . Allowing my actions to speak for themselves. Maintenance: Making the change from letting others affect me in a negative way to taking the criticism as ways to improve myself.