health care ethics discussion

Red attached file and watch video before answering the questions.

There should be absolutely no spelling or grammar errors. You may use your book or other resources, but you must cite the resource(s) both in-text and a reference list per APA guidelines. Minimum 250 words for initial post. Minimum 150 words for each student response (2)

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1. Carefully analyze this case. When you examine the paper and the appendix, what information appears to have been gained from this study? Th at is, what kind of argument can be made for the benefits of the study?

2. What do you believe were the motives for the people to become involved in the study, specifically: The subjects? The PHS personnel? The Tuskegee staff ? The Macon County physicians? Nurse Rivers?

3. What kind of criticisms can you offer of this study?

4. What were the factors underlying the cessation of the project?

5. Could this project (or one similar to it involving AIDS or radiation effects) be conducted today?

Post your discussion and then respond to the postings of 2 other students. What are your thoughts on the ethical controversy item he/she posted? Do you see other implications of the ethical controversy?

I will not be able to upload the students post for the response to them until I have uploading my initial response and then waiting 30 minutes. I will upload the two posts then.