Hello This One Was Easier But Not Sure If Method Use Was Correct I Think So Than

Hello, this one was easier but not sure if method use was correct. i think so.thank you

Use this information for Flapjack Corporation to answer the question that follow.

Flapjack Corporation had 7,968 actual direct labor hours at an actual rate of $12.44 per hour. Original production had been budgeted for 1,100 units, but only 996 units were actually produced. Labor standards were 7.2 hours per completed unit at a standard rate of $12.75 per hour.

Round your answer to the nearest cent.

The direct labor time variance is

$2,446.18 unfavorable

$2,446.18 favorable

$10,159.20 unfavorable

$10,159.20 favorable

Again this should be favorable because i got negative. So i got 4th answer

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