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EXTRAPOLATION: Further Thoughts

For this discussion, you may use first-person (“I”) because you are being asked to explain your personal view regarding the themes articulated in the play. However, you should still use a parenthetical citation if quoting directly.

To that end, write at least 200 words (but not more than 400 words) responding to the following:

—> The reader or this poem occupies a unique position: the poet has invited you to witness both the tragedy and the world’s indifference to such tragedy depicted in the poem. Hypothetically, if you were given the privilege–or curse–of this double vision, a sort of superpower, what would you do about it? How does one deal with someone else’s suffering? What, if any, are our moral or ethical obligations when we see that others don’t notice or are indifferent to it? Should people sail calmly onwards, much like the indifferent ship in the final stanza, or should this poetic preternatural awareness of suffering mandate some sort of action or reaction?


  • Your post should be from 200 to 400 words.
  • You should be specific and reference details from the poem in your answer.
  • Your post must demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
  • You must use full sentences and proper grammar.
  • Try to avoid slang and minimize the use of the word “you.”

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