Help with literature essay

Help with literature essay

Writing a literary analysis helps us to more readily connect conflicts in literature to our everyday experiences and analyze our own lives as well as human motivations and behavior in general. Finally, it improves our writing and reading skills overall.

How to Write the Draft
By this point in the course, you will have discussed two texts from the literary work , defined at least one conflict and identified and described at least three literary techniques as specified in the Literary Analysis prompt.

For this assignment, you will construct a working thesis statement that defines in detail the conflict you will analyze, the two texts you will address, and the literary devices you will apply to your final analysis. Review the Writing a Clear and Sound Thesis for a Literary Analysis for support.

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The body of your paper, which will consist of 1000 words, is to be presented in four sections as detailed below.


  • Conflict   “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” (Thomas, 1952)  and “Hills Like White Elephants” ( Hemingway, 1927)


·  Identify the conflict in the two texts you have chosen.


·  Identify the similarities and differences in the representation of the conflict in the texts.


·  Identify three literary techniques and elements that help represent this conflict.


·  Literary Techniques in [Title of First Chosen Text]


·  Explain where and how you see the three literary techniques at work in your chosen first text.


·  Provide specific examples by quotingparaphrasing, and/or summarizing.


·  Explain how the literary techniques/examples define and draw out this conflict.


·  Literary Techniques in [Title of Second Chosen Text]


·  Explain where and how you see the three literary techniques at work in your second chosen text.


·  Provide specific examples by quoting, paraphrasing, and/or summarizing.


·  Explain how the literary techniques define and draw out this conflict.


·  Similarities and Differences


·  Compare and contrast the manner in which the texts address the conflict.


·  Explain if they use different and/or similar literary techniques to articulate that conflict.


·  Explain the different and/or similar resolutions of each conflict and how those resolutions were reached.

literary elements_techniques.docx

List of literaryconflict

Individual versus Individual


Individual versus Nature


Individual versus Society


Individual versus Technology


Individual versus Self