Here Are My Questions 1 An Assumption Of Three Activity Time Cpm Analysis Is Tha

Here are my questions:1)An assumption of three-activity-time CPM analysis is that the activity time estimates conform to the beta distribution. Which of the following is a valid criticism of this assumption?(a)Project activities cannot always be networked(b)Project control doesn’t focus enough on the critical path(c)Obtaining three valid time estimates to put into the formula is difficult(d)Beta distributions do not occur naturally(e)None of the above2)In CPM analysis it is generally expected that the relationship between activity direct costs and project indirect costs will be which of the following?(a)Positively related(b)Optimally related(c)Negatively related(d)Not related(e)Fractionally related3)Why is operations not perceived as important?(a)Operations is less crucial to the success of modern businesses than other functions(b)Many senior executives began their careers in other functions and learned to take operations for granted(c)Successful mergers or “deals” is where the action is these days and operations plays only a minor role in their success(d)Operations and supply improvement projects are typically small, short-term and not strategic(e)Operational coordination is best achieved by general management or the sales function

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