Hi Looking For Some Guidance On This Question The Correct Answer Is C 5480 Quest

Hi, looking for some guidance on this question. The correct answer is C.$5480

QUESTION 5. Charmaine’s uncle, Ben died on 10 October 2015 leaving 1,000 shares in the pharmaceutical company, United Health Group Ltd to Charmaine in his will. Uncle Ben had purchased 400 of the shares in July 1985 for $1.50 each, incurring $50 in brokerage fees on the purchase. The other 600 shares were purchased by Uncle Ben on 3 March 2004 for $4.50 each incurring $100 in brokerage fees on the purchase. The shares were trading at $6.70 on the ASX on 10 October 2015. Charmaine decided to hold on to the shares rather than sell them. What is the cost base of the 1,000 shares acquired by Charmaine as a result of the death of Uncle Ben?

A. $5,430 B. $4,650 C. $5,480 D. $5,530 E. Nil

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