HIST 2006 Week 1. What is Globalization?

HIST 2006 Week 1. What is Globalization?

What do we mean by globalization? Which are the main features of globalization? And are these
historically contingent? This first meeting is aimed at introducing the key topics that we will
consider over the course. Please read the assigned readings before the seminar in week 1.

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Key Readings
Please read:
Michael Lang, “Globalization and Its History,” Journal of Modern History, 78/4 (2006), pp. 899-
only to p. 914.*HIST 2006 Week 1. What is Globalization?
David Harvey, “Globalization in Question,” Rethinking Marxism, 8/4 (1995), pp. 1-17.*
A. G. Hopkins, ‘Is Globalization Yesterday’s News?’, Itinerario, 41/1 (2017), pp. 109-128.
Read a Book
Please read at least one of these books during the first week of the course. They will help you to
understand the general historical and theoretical problems that will be considered during the
– Peter N. Stearns, Globalization in World History (London, 2009). HY 100.S8 and online book.
– Jürgen Osterhammel and Niels P. Peterson, Globalization: A Short History (Princeton, 2005). HY
– Bruce Mazlish, The New Global History (New York, 2006). HY 100.M2
– William R. Nester, Globalization: A short history of the modern world (Basingstoke, 2010).
Online book.HIST 2006 Week 1. What is Globalization?

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