Historically VS Humanity

Over the seven weeks of this class, we will discuss many aspects of the human experience and we consider how many of them have changed over time. Your job, for the final presentation, is to choose ONE of these aspects of humanity to delve into deeper and then present a persuasive argument about: why is the idea that you’re exploring especially important to humanity?

For the presentation, you will need to know some of the background of the topic:
How has it historically affected humanity?
What events or ideas have altered the aspect of human life?
You will also need to comment on the current status of the topic.
How is the issue/idea impacting people in modern America?
Are there current ideas or events influencing the topic?
And conclude by drawing some conclusions about the topic in the future.
Will the issue continue to impact modern people and if so, how?
Will there be changes for the issue in the future? How do you know?

Review the list of general topics that you might choose to discuss in your presentation. If you have an idea for one, but don’t see it here, ask the instructor for approval.

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General Topics:

Equality—gender, race, etc.
Labor issues
Natural resources
Social class
Visual Arts
Western relations with Africa
Western relations with Asia
Western relations with the Middle East
Women in (other cultural topics)

Requirements of the Final Project (these are also requirements of the first draft):

 A PowerPoint presentation with Voiceover posted (voiceover only for final draft)
 The first slide should include your name, the title of your presentation, and HUM

The next slide should present your thesis statement
At least 3 main sections/points 
Details to support your 3 main sections Context of the event/idea/person in history (the longest section)
The impact of the event/idea/person on present day
The impact of the event/idea/person on the future
The presentation must include 10 images (5 informational and 5 graphic)
Including your cover slide and references slide, your presentation should be
      15-17 slides
The last slide must be your references in APA format
The presentation must include APA formatted in-text citations for sources
Graphics cited directly on the slides (but not in the References section)
     At least 6 different academic sources should be cited in the presentation 
                 (NOT blogs or any encyclopedia)