Homework for Paula Hog only please

project paper: Millenial Maladies in Managerial Economics: A Case Study on General Motors


1.The paper needs to address a current economic topic

2.This paper is worth 200 points.

3.The final paper needs to be at least 10 – 12 pages in length, exclusive of title page, abstract, exhibits, tables, and references.

4.As with all written assignments, this Paper needs to be in APA format, which means (and this is not an exclusive list) your paper needs to have

a. title page

b.Running head


d.Easily identifiable THESIS STATEMENT and conclusion

e.Double-space, correct margins and tabulation, and headings

f.A dedicated Reference Page, with correctly formatted references

g.Proper style and tone for a graduate level course

h.Proper use of APA 6th standards


5.You will be well served to carefully read the rubric prior to beginning this paper. Please note the breakdown for points in this assignment are as follows:

a.Thesis and Conclusion (10%)

b.Analysis and Development (30%)

c.Support (20%)

d.Development and Organization (10%)

e.APA Usage and Voice (10%)

f.Writing, Grammar, and Usage (20%)