Hospitality Management and Lodging Cruising

Hospitality Management and Lodging Cruising

Consider your area of interest, this will be your topic for you to use for all of the mini-projects for this course.

Write a brief description (; double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt font) of your area of interest and explain why you feel that is the best fit for your career base; personalities characteristics/skills strengths and interests.

For instance, Figure 1-2: Within the scope of the hospitality and tourism umbrella, I chose resorts for my topic. The category most lined up with my interest would be lodging, resorts/deluxe resorts. Now, there are a lot of different directions I could have chosen for my career path within this sector. Now elaborate and explain the traits and qualities you have that would make you successful.

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Pick a business that is accessible to you in your area that coincides with your area of interest (#1) and write-up a brief description (2-page minimum dbl spaced + pictures).

Details of the write-up includes:

Name/location/category of services

Mission and culture

Description of ownership (franchise, privately-owned, corporate, publically traded, etc).

Clientele description: demographics (ages, locals or tourists, socio-economic status, gender, marital status, etc). (i.e., singles, family-oriented, business, leisure)

Include photos

What is your ideal position within

this company and why?