how Bacteria Differ from Humans and DNA Ligase

how Bacteria Differ from Humans and DNA Ligase

Essay #1

A researcher is interested in studying the human CFTR genes and decides to insert a functional human CFTR gene in a bacterial line using molecular biology methods. Before she decides to proceed with her methodology, she comes to you and asks for your opinion. In your answer consider how bacteria (Prokaryotes) differ from humans (Eukaryotes). What are the differences in RNA processing between Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes? Are there molecules or structures involved in translation or translation that may differ between these two organisms? Lastly, compare and contrast the regulation of genes between these two organisms.

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Essay #2

Enzymes play an important function in cellular biology. We recently discussed the following four enzymes:

1) DNA ligase
2) DNA Polymerase
3) RNA Polymerase
4) Helicase

Describe in detail the function of each of these enzymes. What process are they are part of? What nucleic acids are they in contact with? Where would they be found in a Eukaryotic cell? Additionally, describe the consequences for a nonsense mutation in the DNA sequence for each enzyme.