how does social media affect people throughout their daily lives

how does social media affect people throughout their daily lives

Research Interest Statement

The research topic I would like to pursue in my research proposal is how does social media affect people throughout their daily lives. I am proposing to study how a particular social group interprets an aspect of their social experience.  I want to know how online platforms can impact different factors such as our mental health, sleep, body image, and social interactions. I want to interview different groups of people and ages to see how it affects them. Since I am a sociology major, the topic of social media always played a significant role when studying people and their actions. I have included social media as a factor for research, but I have not studied or conducted research on the effects of this particular topic solely. The course that focused hugely on how social media affects people was my course with Dr.Vang on Sociology of Sex and Gender. In the course, she discussed how social media affected how we see one and what we perceive as wrong and right about someone according to what we see on social media. The reason why I chose this topic because social media has taken over our lives and I want to know how it affects us in a bad or good way. I feel like we use social media as a tool to compete, to portray our imperfect life in the most perfect manner. I personally want to know how does social media affect all of these factors in our lives so I can be more aware and realize the different effects of it. I feel like others will be interested in this topic because social media has become a big part of everyone’s lives, but everyone is blinded by the pros of it to realize the effects it does to one. So, this research will raise awareness and help students open their eyes to the effects of it, so we can reduce the use of it and stop being so dependent on it.


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What are three specific research questions related to this topic that you might address in your research this semester?

*Does social media affect how you see yourself?

*Does social media affect how you interact with others?

*How much time do you spend on social media and what catches your attention?

*Do you feel confident or down about yourself after being on social media?

*Does social media encourage for the better or for the worse?




Professor –

Good topic.  You could explore more how social media usage has affected you or those you know and thus sparked your interest.   You could spend more time fleshing out why this is sociologically meaningful.   Finally, you will need to narrow down who you want to talk to and also what you want to talk about, given the scale of this study.