How Energy Affected Relationship Between Nations

How Energy Affected Relationship Between Nations

Report: (2900 words)

How did the energy (like Oil and Gas sources) effected the relationship between nations?

For Example:

-How energy played a role in the cause of wars.

-Great nations today are heading to the cold war because of their possession on nuclear weapons.

-Oil and gas resources caused the Gulf War between Iraq and Kuwait, and it was also a reason for the occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

-The reflection of the energy sources created wars sometimes, on the other hand created interests and friendships.


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– Table of contents

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– Abstract with key words (summary of the research 100-200 words)

– list of Abbreviations (short cuts)

– Introduction (with research objectives, research Questions, hypothesis, research significant (to whom)

– Theory and literature review and research methodology and contact (body, discussions and findings)

– conclusion (summary and findings and limitations

– reference

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