how is one s leadership style and effectiveness culturally dependent

Research Assignment – Leading Internationally

The purpose of this assignment is to help you see that one’s leadership style and effectiveness is culturally dependent.

Assignment Overview – Assume that you are being sent to China to run a division of your company’s overseas operations. Let’s assume that you were born and raised in the States and you have been managing for five years in your current position at a facility in the Midwest. Now that you are going overseas you want to understand what the Chinese workers look for in a leader and what it will take to be a successful leader in China. Therefore, I would like you to report on what it would take for you to be a successful manager in China. What are some things you should be aware of? What would you research and what are your strategies?

  • What do workers expect from their leaders?
  • What business or cultural norms would you have to be aware of to lead successfully in this new environment?

Paper should be 10 pages not including Title page, Abstract or Reference page.

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