How is visual information processed in the brain? But what are some things (situations and/or objects) which can impede visual information being processed in the brain. Please include a relevant example to illustrate your answer

Visual information from the retina is relayed through the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus to the primary visual cortex — a thin sheet of tissue (less than one-tenth of an inch thick), a bit larger than a half-dollar, which is located in the occipital lobe in the back of the brain ( brainfacts). Information is then sent from the LGN or lateral geniculate nucleus, this structure can be found closer to the center of the brain. Which then has information sent to our primary visual cortex located in our occipital lobe and is found by the back of our brain. It is here that our brain begins to restore and reconstruct images. It is our brain that is in charge of processing images commonly thought to be our vision system alone, among the things we process visually are symbols, distance, and pictures. Those who suffer from this kind of disorder suffer from a visual processing. These disorders have some characteristics, like having some issues with being able to distinguish your left from your right. Normally we all have some issues learning how to decipher which is which but left and right confusion is generally associated with attention issues. Visual sequencing, is an issue where those suffering may present difficulties with being able to organize symbols, words, and images in a direct order. Children who suffer from this tend to misread letters, numbers, and words. Visual –motor processing issues is another example of a visual information process disorder, a characteristic is that feedback coming through our eyes have a difficulties trying to coordinate other movements, this includes the movement of other parts of the body. Children suffering from this disorder often have trouble writing on paper with margins as well issues with writing within the lines. Another symptom may include being overly clumsy and having comprehension issues when reading or copying from a book.