How Pollution Is Horrible for The Environment Research Paper

How Pollution Is Horrible for The Environment Research Paper

Research paper 6-7 pages long that is about how pollution affects this planet and how what we can do to reduce or even stop the effects of it. Attached is a list of sources and information that I would like to have be incorporated into the essay, not all have to be used but it is a reference and I would appreciate if the ones in red are certainly used.

This is my Final Assignment and I need an A, please give your best effort and help me out.

Please incorporate 2 bigger size quotes (3-5) sentences by someone who is credible in this are of work such as their thought or what they think should be done

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  • Mla Format 8
  • 6-7 pages
  • No plagiarism
  • All other sources used other than the list attached be written down on a works cited
  • Recognize and incorporate the elements of rhetorical situations and argumentation.
  • Recognize and interpret conventions of format, structure, voice, tone, and diction as markers of distinct rhetorical situations.
  • Be able to evaluate and incorporate persuasive evidence, concepts, and arguments.
  • Be able to integrate the ideas of others while reinforcing a distinctive personal stance