Human Resource Management




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Human Resource Management

The problem that exists in many work places as is the case in my work place is that there lacks effective management and proper communication regarding taking various tasks and being responsible for the responsibilities that one has been allocated to carry out. Most people fail in this area and they are not working as expected towards achieving the firm’s objectives and overall goals that will lead to its success. With this problem in existence most of the departments are not meeting their expected goals and objectives thereby making the firm incur costs rather than make profits.

In this working place there are various changes that can be made to make the organization a better place than it was in the previous cases. There are various objectives that have to be fulfilled and their only chance is through a change for the better and this will be made possible through various changes within the firm and these changes are to be done within the human resource. The following are various areas where changes need to be made.

There are quite a number of changes that can be made to within the workplace and with these changes and interventions being put in place it will be easier to make the working environment a better place and with these changes being effectively made within the firm it will be quite easy to ensure that all the activities of the firm are being performed effectively. These changes that are to be made include: the management of employee selection criteria and then there should be a change in the agency which has the responsibility in employee selection and recruitment, the firm has to effect changes in development of an effective communication channel and at the same time develop a culture that will ensure that all employees are responsible for the free flow of information and with this in place there will be togetherness in the human resource department which in return will promote a healthy working environment.

Major changes to be made in the organization process

The first thing to do in the reorganization process is to define the problem. In this case the reorganization process will involving finding solutions to the existing problem and this is a strategy that ensure that the firm’s operations are being ran effectively towards the growth and stability and this will help in achievement of the goals and objectives of the firm. Therefore for the whole process to be successful the first and important thing to do as in the case of a project is to define the problem at hand and understand it clearly so that the best solutions and options can be realized. Failure to analyze the issue at hand efficiently would mean that the body which is responsible for dealing with the problem will come up with the wrong solutions and they would not be effective in bringing change and the end to this problem.

 Various interventions and reasons for choosing the interventions

Management of employees’ selection criteria is an important change and this can be done through an improved recruitment process where right and qualified employees will be hired and there will be proper training which will ensure that each employee is effective in the sector which they will be allocated. This change being made in the selection process it will be an important intervention as it will ensure that all the duties of the firm from the administration sector to the lowest class of employees will be carried out in a better manner and this will be a major step towards achievement of objectives (Boekholt, 2008).

Another intervention which should be made in this firm is the change of duty allocation which is a problem in the firm since most duties have been allocated to the wrong employees who fail to meet all the requirements hence the need for the change which will that all duties are allocated to the right people and this will be enable by an analysis that will focus on the qualifications of various candidates and the right personnel recruited for the right positions.

This change will be made possible through the hiring of a better recruitment the agency that will be responsible for recruitment services and duty allocation to more qualified candidates and the methods through which this agency will prove to be more efficient is to come up with the best selection and allocation criteria (Kliem, Ludin, and DiNovo, 2003). The agency’s major roles will be to figure out the best candidates who have the ability and knowledge and will be made to prove this with their output and the expertise they will portray in the allocated are within the various departments in this firm. Qualified employees who have the right information and are trained effectively are able to produce quality work as they are able to apply their knowledge in the firm and this will ensure that they are in the right track towards the firm’s development and will be relied in different projects and programs that are to be implemented.

On the changes to be made also there is need for a communication channel that will make a positive impact between the employees and their superiors on the way they share information. The employees should be at liberty to confront their superiors on the issues they feel are of concern. This will ensure that the employees will not be forced to accept everything their superiors say but will speak their mind and consequently products of better quality will be produced since ideas are flowing in without fear. This will lead to superiors becoming open to ideas and this will create a united organization and peaceful working conditions since everyone is at ease.

Another very necessary change is superiors being meek and always accepting to stand to be corrected even by the least of the employees. When the superiors are humble enough to accept correction from their juniors, they will be responsible and when they appreciate the correction more often than not they will not repeat the mistakes and this will ensure good flow of activities in the firm and increase in profits.

Another intervention that is necessary is adaptation of sharing culture and openness among the members of the organization both junior members and superiors alike. The current situation in the organizations of today is that juniors are not acknowledged as the information they share more often than not is considered not helpful and this hurts them and forces them to never open up when they see the need to. Vital information that affects the everyday activities of an organization is being withheld by the juniors, which could only surface if sharing culture of information is adopted in the organizations (Woodcock, and Francis, 2000).

The firm’s management should ensure that it has established an ethical goals criterion. With this establishment all employees in this firm are subject to great expectations where they are supposed to meet the standards that have been set. These expectations from each employee should be put in writing so that the employees can be guided on how to behave and in proper decision making.

The executives in this firm must ensure that they demonstrate commitment towards achievement of these goals. They must act as role models for the subordinate staff and this will ensure that the other employees have leaders they can look upon. Best leadership will ensure best practices are observed towards healthy business operations. The executives should ensure integrity and this will be expected from all the other employees.

The management should communicate the ethical goals and the expectations that each employee has to satisfy towards a better organization. Every employee should be trained in training programs where they will learn best practices and customer handling and this will ensure that they are able to create a healthy business with healthy customer relations. With these strategies being observed the firm will ensure best practices in business and with this the business operations will be in the right track.

Misconception about the changes

There have been misconceptions that changing roles within the firm would not be successful and that the best way to create a successful organization is through increased funding and this is not true since without proper management and observation of ethical standards the funds will not be properly utilized and will end up bringing no change as expected therefore any firm expecting to make a change and be successful should ensure that all their employees are devoted and willing to work towards that success (Blackard, 2000).

To prove the effectiveness of the above interventions and recommended changes the whole process will be put under an evaluation test and through this test the management will be able to determine various improvements that have been made through the changes effected. To determine the success of the new strategies that have been applied in this firm, there will be the need to analyze the overall performance of the firm and this will be achieved through human resource auditing which is a major tool that measures the human resource department’s output.






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