1. Read the information contained in the following links: http://www.asch.net/Public/GeneralInfoonHypnosis/DefinitionofHypnosis/tabid/134/Default.aspx




 2. What did you believe about hypnosis prior to reading the information from the ASCH website? What did you learn about clinical hypnosis. Please remember to cite sources (like the ASCH websites) in APA style.

3. Click on the link and watch the following video:  http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/keith_barry_does_brain_magic.html

4. Keeping in mind what you learned about hypnosis….Do you think what Keith Barry did in the video was true clinical hypnosis or was it more of an illusion/magical trick? Why?/Why not? How can you explain the events that happened in the video?

Write a response to a classmate who happens to disagree with you. 

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