I Attached A Picture Of The Problem Now Here S The Questions A Graph The Functio (1)

I attached a picture of the problem. Now, here’s the questions….

a) Graph the function on a suitable domain.

(b) The domain of f is all real numbers. What is its range?

(c) What are the intercepts of f?

          i) the y intercept of f is ___________

         ii)The x intercept of f with least x-value is  __________

         iii)The x intercept of f with greatest x-value ___________

(d) What values does f approach as x→−∞ and x→+∞?

       i) As x→−∞, f(x)→  ______________

       ii)As x→+∞, f(x)→  _______________

(e) Over what intervals is f increasing?

(f) Over what intervals is f decreasing?

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