I Found The Equivalence Point To Have A Ph Of 7 And 2 8ml Of Naoh Was Added (1)

I made a titration curve on excel and have to provide information about it in a lab assignment. I found the equivalence point to have a pH of 7 and 2.8mL of NaOH was added. This is one of the questions: At the equivalence point, how many moles of 1 M NaOH were added to the flask? To get the number of moles, multiply the molarity by the number of LITERS of NaOH added. Would this be .0028?

This is the next question: At the equivalence point, the number of moles of NaOH equals the number of moles of HCl in the flask. How many moles of HCl were in the flask? For this one there were 25mL of HCl in the flask so would it be .0028/25?

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