I M Having A Hard Time Calculating The Thrust Force For This Problem Can Someone

I’m having a hard time calculating the thrust force for this problem. Can someone help with this?

The question is: Air enters the diffuser of a turbojet engine at 18 kPa, 216 K, with a volumetric flow rate of 230 m3/s and a velocity of 265 m/s. The compressor pressure ratio is 15, and its isentropic efficiency is 93%. Air enters the turbine at 1360 K and the same pressure as at the exit of the compressor. The turbine isentropic efficiency is 95%, and the nozzle isentropic efficiency is 97%. The pressure at the nozzle exit is 18 kPa. On the basis of an air-standard analysis, calculate the thrust magnitude, in kN.

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