I need a database solution for the attached documents.  This is the assignment: Using MySQL

I need a database solution for the attached documents.  This is the assignment:

Using MySQL, write the

statements to develop a physical model of your database by creating the tables and constraints based on your Task 1 logical model. Be sure to use your ERD and data dictionary and create all constraints appropriately.

Once your tables are created, you will populate them with data using MySQL statements to insert records into the database. You should insert a minimum of five records into each table and more where necessary to ensure that the data in the database is sufficient to allow for each of your reports to be tested.

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The result will be a script file that includes statements to

  • DROP all tables;
  • CREATE all tables with constraints;
  • INSERT data into all tables; and
  • SELECT data from all tables to show the data in each table.

Name this file yourname_task2.txt.

Also create a Word document that shows the structure of each table and the data in each of your tables (copy and paste from MySQL). Name this file yourname_tables.docx.

Note that your deliverables each week include any revisions to a previous task.

Submit your Task 2 deliverable as a zip file including the following.

  • Task 0 proposal (with any revisions)
  • Your Task 1 ERD (with any revisions)
  • Your Task 1 DD (with any revisions)
  • Your Task 2 script file to create and populate tables (yourname_task2.txt)
  • A Word document showing all tables and data (yourname_tables.docx)

Place all documents for this deliverable in a separate zip file from your lab, and put it in the Week 5: Course Project Dropbox.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information

CIS 336 COURSE PROJECT WEEK 3November 10, 2016Appliance PartsAppliance Parts is an online business focused on supplying the needs of appliance parts to itscustomers.It is structured to assist the consumers with finding and ordering parts online.Thebusiness is based on online part sales.The consumers are offered 5 different variations of brandsof parts based on their needs.The company is managed and used by –me- and will be sellingmany different parts.Haier, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, and LG are the products that areoffered.All sales will be conducted online and payments will also be processed online with debitor credit card transactions.Ordered parts will be shipped out to the customers directly and nosales representatives will be required.The company will maintain inventory reports, salesreports, and order reports.
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