I need a literature review to be done


Literature Review Assignment

Due 2/15/2018

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Your review of the literature relevant to your research question(s) should follow these guidelines:

· At least 2 pages, single-spaced, not counting the list of references cited.

· Should include 3-4 lines of evidence

· Each line of evidence (each of which will be 1-2 paragraphs in length) must incorporate at least 3 references.

· Must include list of references cited (not all the references you read, only those cited in your literature review.

· References:

o At least 10 total

o At least 6 of those should be journal articles.

o At least 5 must be reports of original research.

o May use any reference format (APA, AMA, etc) but should be consistent

· Your text should conclude with a sentence or two short paragraph stating the knowledge gap you have found in the literature that answering your research question (s) will fill.


Topic: Improving Respiratory Health through Environmental Change.

My research questions are:

1- Is there an association between peer-led education and reduction of asthma-related illnesses in Norfolk? 

2- What is the prevalence of asthma-related illnesses in Norfolk?

3- What are the perceived barriers to improve respiratory health in low income housing in Norfolk? 

Lines of evidence are:

· Prevalence of asthma in Norfolk VA.

· Causes of poor indoor air quality in low income houses.

· Impact of education on reduction of asthma related illnesses.

Possible resources: