i need case study in apa format for 3 4pages

1. Imagine that a disaster, such as a fire, has befallen your home, damaging your belongings and some of the interior walls. What would your priori- ties be in assessing the damage and working to reoccupy your home? Cre- ate a prioritized list and timetable to accomplish this task.

2. This chapter listed several natural disasters that routinely occur in various parts of the United States. Using a Web browser or library research tool, identify the dis- asters that occur regularly in your area. Prioritize this list based on probability of occur- rence and potential damage. What should organizations in your area do to prepare for these disasters?

3. Using a Web browser, search for organizations in your area (and nearby areas) that offer DR training. What topics do they cover in their training? Create a list of the topics covered by each organization and look for topics covered across the offerings.

4. Using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint, create a short DR training presentation that gives an overview of the key points found in Exercise 3. Bring it to class to share with your peers.

5. Using a Web browser or local directory, search for organizations that provide DR ser- vices. Make a list, then scratch out those that only provide data backup services or pro- vide only alternate site services (BC services). How many are left? Why is this list so much shorter than the first? What services do the remaining organizations offer?

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