I need help solving this question thank you. i have attached an image to the question

I need help solving this question thank you. i have attached an image to the question and would appreciate the

answer as soon as possible. Thank you!


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Identify the sampling techniques used, and discuss potential sources of bias [it any}. Explain. In 1985. researchers used random digit dialing to call But] people and ask what obstacles kept them from eating healthier. What type of sampling was used? DA.
DC. OD. Systematic sampling was used, since phone numbers were selected from a list using a fixed interval between phone numbers.
Convenience sampling was used, since the SDI] phone numbers that were easiest to reach were selected. Simple random sampling was used, since each number had an equal chance of being dialed. so all samples of 800 phone numbers had an equal
chance of being selected. Cluster sampling was used. since the phone numbers were divided into groups, several groups were selected. and each number in those groups was
called. What potential sources ot bias were present, it any? Select all that apply. A.
B. ‘."" Individuals may have refused to participate in The sample. This may have made The sample less representative of the population. Individuals may have not been available when The researchers were calling. Those individuals That were available may have not been representative of
the population. Telephone sampling only includes people who had telephones. People who owned telephones may have been older or wealthier on average, and may
not have been representative of the entire population. The sample only consisted of members of the population that were easy to get. These members may have not been representative ofthe population. There were no potential sources of bias.