The communication style preferences among interdisciplinary team members play a vital role that includes the critically ill patient and family. At the beginning of the shift, nurses give a handoff report in front of the patient room and walked inside the S.K. room to include him in the report. The nurse informed the physician that S.K. lab results, Troponin I negative, and EKG strip normal sinus rhythm. This nurse also confirmed the procedure with the catheterization laboratory staff of the time and checked to make sure a consent form was signed by the patient. S.K was waiting for cardiac catheterization and had questions with concerns. The nurse explained the procedure, test results, and health status with the patient and his family on face time to reduce anxiety. The conversation that the nurse had with the physician, catheterization laboratory staff, and family were documented.

As a student nurse the impact of my communication style toward others to introduce myself so, the patient be aware that he will be giving additional patient care today. It is important to explain every nursing skill or procedure to the patient to build that patient-nurse relationship and provide therapeutic communication to increase comfort. S.K. told me thank you, for washing my hands, wearing a mask, face shield and wear gloves before providing patient care, for example, obtaining vital signs administering medication and hanging up Normal Saline to prevent transmission of bacteria. S.K. informed me that staying in the hospital was not for him, and he will be going home today, but he appreciates what we have done for him. The system barriers and facilitators concerning the quality of care and outcomes at my clinical site, we are going through a pandemic outbreak called Coronavirus. During my first clinical week at the site was insane, they didn’t have signs outside the patient doors, going in and out everybody room using the same mask, and the majority of the ICU unit was Coronavirus patients. We noticed the nurses they were overwhelmed and overworked. My critical patient care experienced was not the best. I’m thankful for the opportunity and was happy to be moved to another unit at the hospital. The cardiovascular unit they had signs outside the patient signs outside the doors that said do not enter if you are not wearing an N95 mask. Infection control is important to stop the spread of infection and to save lives. During my clinical experience noticed a PPE shortage throughout the hospital. Based on my healthcare experience to be successful on an interdisciplinary team it is important to be nonjudgemental and open-minded. As a competent nurse my job is to provide a very safe environiment, effective and professional patient care at all times. It is vital to include my patient and his or her family in the patient care to reduce anxiety and confusion.

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