I need these questions answer from this essay. 1. To draft your stance essay thesis statement, fill in the blanks with the 3 distinct points you’ll be making in your essay. (The example responses shown are related to the draft topic.) ThiAnswers 1Bids 1Other questions 10

I need these questions answer from this essay.1.                  To draft your stance essay thesis statement, fill in the blanks with the 3 distinct points you’ll be making in your essay. (The example responses shown are related to the draft topic.) This is one of two templates for the stance essay.2.                  In your own words, describe the goal of the Stance Essay.3.                  Start with your position on the topic: BLANK because BLANK and BLANK4.                  Once you have edited your thesis using the process on this page, type or copy/paste the text of your revised thesis statement below.5.                  In your own words, describe the goal of the Stance Essay.6.                  Do you think your evidence will be strong enough to expand into a 5-6 page essay? Is there a point that might need additional support? Building a Team that Works in a Healthcare Institution NameName of the Institution               IntroductionOrganizational Development (OD) is a theory and practice mainly dedicated to the expansion of the knowledge as well as the effectiveness of the people to achieve a more positive organizational change and performance. OD is normally a constant diagnosis that involves planning, execution, and evaluation aimed at transferring knowledge and proficiency to organizations. This is aimed to improve the capability of the organization to solve the problem and manage future change. OD has been used in many organization processes that experience difficulty. It is imperative to note, change is inevitable in an organization set up, and therefore the management must be prepared to devise a way through which such process might be efficiently done. Organizational development can be the best option when used in building a team that works. The following is a discussion on how organizational development can be a powerful tool to be used in dealing with employee’s poor morale in a healthcare institution (Burke, 2015).The health industry is one of the most imperative sectors in any society due to the high level of expertise and demand for the service. It is, therefore, important for the employees in this institution to have a good morale at their place of work. In this case, are not at their best due to the difficult relations with doctors (Burke, 2015).The existing problem in the most hospital is that the morale of the nurses is generally low. More importantly, there is a poor relation between nurses and doctors. Nurses have been complaining of doctors who demean them by shouting at them. Consequently, the arrogant doctors are always blamed for the general poor morale in the hospital (Burke, 2015). Due to all these poor relationships between doctors and nurses, the spirit of teamwork becomes a nightmare. This is because every party feels their welfare are not well taken care of. Moreover, in an environment where the spirit of teamwork has died off, the overall performance of the employees at work goes down, and it even becomes harder for the organization to improve in future as they cannot work towards a common goal. The end result is that the patients become the victim because services rendered to them are usually substandard. In some instance, this can pose a great threat to the patient due to miscommunication between the doctors and nurses. It should be noted that, for a patient to receive quality healthcare, the doctors and nurses need to work hand in hand (Cummings, & Worley, 2014).If the poor relationship between doctors and nurses persist, doctors normally prefer to render their services elsewhere and make it difficult for the management to handle this crisis. It even gets worse when the same doctors start offering their services to competing for a healthcare facility. At this point, it is always the best if the management steps in and handles this issue before it gets out of hand. This can be done by looking for expertise to help them resolve these internal squabbles that undermine the spirit of teamwork in hospitals. The expert in this case mainly focuses on the way the spirit of teamwork can be addressed to ensure employees work together for the benefit of the organization (Cummings, & Worley, 2014).The management must organize for a team building exercise for like three days for the employees in the hospital. It is important for the objective of the team building to be clear for it to be meaningful. In this case, the objective of the workshop will be “To help team members maintain good working relationships and develop a common focus on how to work as a team to improve their performance in the next 1 month”. In this case, the workshop is the most effective and can act as a team building exercise for the employees of the organization. The employees must be notified with an internal memo or any other effective communication system in advance. In this case, an expert must be called upon to oversee the process (Burke, 2015).In this case, the tool chosen for the intervention must be able to build trust. Every nurse and doctors must be given time to air their frustrations in a manner that they can be heard. However, it must be done cautiously to ensure it does not turn out to be a session of negative exchange. Additionally, the tool for the intervention must make doctors realize that the current crisis at the hospital is not because of them. The nurses must also be made to stop the habit of putting all the blame to the doctors (Cheung, & Holbeche, 2015).More importantly, the tool must help the management to identify core changes that can be made to accomplish the future they aspired for. This process will be more successfully if the managers of the hospital are also helped to identify key projects that will be beneficial. Lastly, the employees must be made to develop a common focus that can help them work for the future (Cheung, & Holbeche, 2015).It is imperative to note that, team building activities are normally designed like recipes. They usually produce a more detailed workshop activity to accomplish specific workshop goals. In this case, a card chosen must be able to create a vision in a way that creates positive energy and fun. The organizational development DesignThe puzzle kit can be used because it allows the employees to do the complex thinking needed for them to solve their own issues or problems in a more participative and practical way. The members of the organization; managers, doctors, and nurses can be divided into groups of equal numbers. The groups must be mixed so that at least in each group there is a manager, doctor, and nurse. Each and every group will have its change puzzle to work with ( Houstons & McIntire, 2016).The system thinking photography of the health center facility will be used. The strength and its frustrations will be included in this process. The “organization of today chart” will be use in that particular undertaking. In this case, the employees will be asked to write in their respective charts how they perceive their company regarding each OD element or puzzle piece. Clues vision in this process. Each individual is always encouraged to independently write their own view on the way they perceive the hospital. It will not be a surprise when it suddenly occurs that most of them share similar comments (Smither, Houstons & McIntire, 2016).More so, a right brained exercise can also be done to foresee how the hospital would be in 3 years. The “ideal organization of the future charts” will be used in this process. The employees will be asked to write in their cards what they think must be done or put in place so that their vison about the organization can be a reality. Expectedly, the participants will write down exactly opposite of what they wrote in the chart of the current status of the organization. This exercise is important as it will help the team members to focus and think critically how their performance can either directly or indirectly affect the future of the organization. It will not be a surprise to realize that most of their positive ideas about the future will be similar. As expected this makes them connect as they will realize that they share same dreams and aspirations (Cummings, & Worley, 2014).Finally, a comparison of the results from the two charts will be made. From the results, few core changes will be chosen. These changes will be important in helping to solve the current problems and move the organization towards the desired future. Projects will also be created to undertake the changes (Cummings, & Worley, 2014). Conclusion It is clear from the diagnosis that the poor relationship between nurses and doctors is the cause of many problems in the hospital. This problem worsens when both of them do not cooperate in the line of work. Expectedly, this undermines the teamwork spirit in the organization. To correct this mess, an effective organizational development intervention must be used. In this case, team building can be used, where employees are involved in an interesting activity which is fun but in the end the viable solutions for the problems can retrieve. The use of Change Puzzle Kit can be instrumental when used as an Organizational development intervention. The kit makes the process to be fun and thus generates new ideas for the organization to emulate. Results collected are used to make core changes for the improvement of the future.                                                               ReferencesBaskerville R.L & Wood Harper. (2016) Acritical Perspective on an action Research as Method for information System Research. Retrieved from: https://www.google.comBurke, W.W., (2015) Organizational Development: Process: A process of learning and Changing.Retrieved from: https://www.google.comCheung, M.Y & Holbeche, L. (2015). Organizational Development: A practitioner Guide for OD and HR. Kogan publishers.Cummings, T.G Worley, C.G (2014). Organization Development and Change. Retrieved from: https://www.google.comSmither, R, Houstons, J., & McIntire, S (2016) Organizational development: Strategies for Changing Environments. Retrieved from: https://www.google.com

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