I need to make the pro forma cash budget for a course project

I need to make the pro forma cash budget for a course project. I’ve already finished the pro forma balance sheet

and income statement. The only other requirement is to describe the impact of the budget on cash balances. I was given a template to use for the cash budget, but I’m lost as to where to start. Any help would be appreciated, I’ve attached the workbook I’ve been using (which includes the sales forecast, cap ex budget, cash flows, and everything else so far) as well as the template I was given although it doesn’t have to be used. If any other information is needed to get started on this I can provide all I have. 

 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentBUSN278 Budgetng and Forecastng Templa±e Ins±ructonsUse this spreadsheet structure to lay out the various secTons of your project.±he purpose of this spreadsheet is to make it easy for your professor to locate thevarious secTons of your project. Please don’t alter the worksheet tabs or Ttles.AFer you ²nish your calculaTons in this spreadsheet, you will have tocreate a wri³en report where you take screenshots from this spreadsheetand put them in the Budget Proposal ±emplate, along with necessaryexplanaTons. Detailed instrucTons for how to write the reportare found in the Budget Proposal ±emplate,a Word document.

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