Iatrogenic Harm


Article attached. Please include this in the work and add other credible references. 

Review the article, “The elephant on the couch: Side-effects of psychotherapy.” Reflect on how labels, language, and belief systems may impact prevention, intervention, and consultation endeavors, including their impact on both the client(s) served and the treatment or consultation process. Also reflect on how strategies to minimize iatrogenic harm may be applied in these endeavors.

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Identify factors that may contribute to iatrogenic harm, and analyze the impact on both the client(s) served and the treatment, or consultation process.

Provide a description (underline the two factors) of two or more factors that may contribute to iatrogenic harm in prevention, intervention, or consultation endeavors.

 Using specific examples, explain the potential impact of each factor on the client(s) and the prevention, intervention, or consultation process. 

Then, explain how iatrogenic harm from each of these factors may be minimized, again using specific examples.