ibus final les petits pots de l ogooue 2

IBUS FINAL (Les Petits Pots de L’Ogooue)

3 things to do: 1-2 written paper,2-3 slids presention,and 2-3 sentences.

1-DESCRIBE FIRM BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS (1-2 pages)(only the First part of canvas-from key partners untill costumer relationship and segment)(I attached a word decoment paper (soumission) and a presention which have all the information about the firm).

2- put them in 1-2 slides for present it in the class.(only the first part)

3- write 2-3 sentences about what you learn from class.(I attached the syllabus to take an idea about the class.

also I attached project report to understand what I have to do.

thank you.

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