Ich Of The Following Techniques Was Developed Specifically Because Of The Import

(perform all of the above) Which of the following techniques was developed specifically because of the importance of kinship and marriage relationships in nonindustrial societies? Interview schedule has over a questionnaire-based survey? -interview schedules allow informants to talk about what they see as important Culture… -is acquired by humans as member of society The fact that Americans and Brazilians, in general, have profoundly different ideas about appropriate social touching, sex, and even emotions is evidence that -Even apparently natural behaviors may be fundamentally shaped by culture. What process is most responsible for the existence of international culture? -diffusion What is cultural relativism? -it is the argument that behavior in a particular culture should not be judged by the standards of another culture. Which of the foloowing statements about culture is NOT true? -human groups differ in their capacities for culture (true: culture learning is uniquely ela

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