Implications of Coronavirus Pandemic to NBA Fans Essay

For this assignment you will talk to someone about sports. You can talk to someone in your bubble face to face, you can talk to someone via skype, zoom, or phone, but you cannot email or exchange texts or snail mail letters. TALK TO SOMEONE! What should you talk about? Pretty much anything sport related is fair game. If the person played sports, ask them about their experiences. If the person is a sports fan, ask them to talk about why they like their team and what the team means to them. If the person hates sport, ask them why and what their experiences have been as a non-fan in a world in which sports matter. Ask the person what their definition of sport is. Ask the person what they think about athlete protests, what they think about sports trying to restart during COVID, and what they think a post-COVID sporting world looks like. After you have your conversation, write about it. Tell me what was said, how you reacted, how easy or difficult the conversation was. Consider how your conversation did and did not fit into the topics we’ve discussed in class. Your essay (about 1500 words aka about 6pages 12 point font, double-spaced) should have a thesis/argument. Standard late penalties apply.

You need a thesis for this essay. A thesis is an argument: what you want me the reader to believe at the end of the paper. You might argue that “sports is a great topic to talk about with a stranger,” “Jaime is the biggest Bronco fan alive,” or “My cousin knows more about poker than anyone should.” You should then use the content of your conversation to prove your point.

No external references are required for this paper, but if you use appropriate external references that support your argument and cite them appropriately, it will improve the quality of your paper