Important role in determining the economic prosperity of a social system

  1. Reading one: from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0 2. Reading 2 will be post as pdf. 3.instructions: In this week’s lecture we discussed the connection between social values and economic structures. These connections might be best illustrated by the example of Calvinist Geneva as discussed by Haig. For this week’s assignment, I want you to pretend you are the head of a social council similar to the one discussed in the Geneva example. I also want you to assume two premises: 1) the subjectove value (i.e. a religion or a set of beliefs) can play an important role in determining the economic prosperity of a social system; and 2) the act of developing policies and plans in an attempt to shape society in a way that reflect social values. Assuming that you live in a pluralist society (i.e. more than one set of beliefs) and that your plans and policies will work as intended, discuss the following:
    1) The costs and benefits associated with implementing social controls on a diverse populace.
    2) What types of incentives (i.e. plans or policies) you would implement in the name of the ‘greater good’.
    Do not restate any of the sentences contained in this question. Use examples from the lecture and class discussion to support your answer. Outside information will be accepted, but we will fact check any and all claims we cannot immediately verify. mctivate vvinacY1/4..vs Go to Settings to activate Windows.

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