industry company research written

-Industry/Company Research Written

This research should be about one of these company ( Warner Bros. The Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation Studio, World of Warcraft, Color Force, Google about Animation department).

Company Profile (pages 4+) All questions must be answered.

1. Name of Company
2. Address
3. Main Telephone Number
4. Website Address (URL)
5. Job Opportunities Page (URL)
6. Names of Senior Management (including recruiting/staffing)
7. Types of products
8. Sample list of clients
9. Year founded
10. Number of Employees
11. Trade shows or conferences they participate in or might participate in 12. Publications that cover them or where they might advertise themselves

Feel free to cover questions not listed above!

Identify the sources of your information.MLS format

Go beyond the company website and interviewee.

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