Inference As Monte Carlo 4 Using A Linear Model Of Y Ea 3 E And N 3 2 1 1 1 3 (1)

I don’t understand how we generate so many instances, and I guess I therefore don’t understand the other questions. Please help

Inference as Monte Carlo4. Using a linear model ofy = Ea: + 3 + eand :n: = -3, -2.-1.fl, +1. +1 +3Step 1 :Generate F y values to go with your itFind the slope and intercept if a linear regression of y vs aStep 2:Repeat step 1 mm timesStep 3 : a Make a histogram of your slopes and intercepts. What arethe mean values and what are the variances?I Does this tie outwith problem 1? b. Are your estimates for the slope and mean correlated? c. Just looking at your histogram for the slope what would a95% confidence interval look like? Does this tie out with the problems from the books?II d. Make a histogram of your y values when it is 3 and againwhen a is D. What is the 95% CI for your predictions using thishistogram? Does this tie out with the problems from the book?

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