Information Systems homework help

In the browser, type the URL and press Enter to open the Web site.

7. Read the article titled “RPO, RTO, PTO and RaaS: Disaster recovery explained.”

8. In the browser type the URL and press Enter to open the Web site.

9. Read the article regarding disaster recovery strategies.

10. Make a backup of any Lab Assessment Worksheets you may have completed from this lab manual. If this is the only lab you’ve worked on, then make a mock Lab Assessment Worksheet using the worksheet from this lab and back that one up instead.

11. Attach the file(s) to an e-mail to your personal e-mail address. You may need to send multiple e-mails depending on your e-mail’s size limitations.

Note: At this point, ask yourself questions from the perspective of recovering from a disaster: Would I be able to access this e-mail from an offsite computer? Where is the e-mail stored? If I were incapacitated, is someone else able to proceed without me? This is the mindset of someone crafting business continuity plans.

12. Verify receipt of the e-mail message(s), and then open and verify file integrity for each attachment.

13. In your Lab Report file, write the backup procedures and recovery procedures you used.

Note: Arguably, the most important section of any business continuity plan is the Procedures section. A business can plan disaster recovery scenarios extensively, carefully weighing all possible risk likelihood and impacts. However, without detailed procedures with which to execute the recovery, a business will not resume operations efficiently, if at all. And this is especially true in times of near-panic and extreme “executive oversight” immediately following a disaster. The key source for documenting accurate and helpful recovery procedures is testing.

14. In your Lab Report file, describe your personal procedures in terms of your RTO as

explained in Web sites visited earlier in this lab.

15. Test your backup and recovery procedures per your RTO.

16. In your Lab Report file, describe ways you can lower the RTO.


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