internal marketing talking point communique


Create a concise and compelling talking point communique of your marketing plan designed for the organization at large.

Questions to Consider:

  • What is a talking point communique?
  • What type of format and style do leaders in your organization expect in a document received from a marketing professional?


St. Anthony Medical Center’s marketing director has suggested that you construct a succinct talking points memo to support your marketing plan. This memo will be used to support consistency among various departments and strategic business units. Vice presidents, directors, and unit managers will take your talking points memo and share the message with line staff.


Use the Capella library and the Internet to research the role of internal marketing strategies to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Your goal is to persuade the organization’s stakeholders to support your marketing plan and create motivation and excitement to encourage engagement and implementation of the action plan. Your message should be crafted using positive language that demonstrates benefit to patients, employees, and other stakeholders.

Talking Point Communique

Construct a bullet-point leadership communique. Reflecting on the plan as a whole, focus your list on communicating the core, driving ideas.

Note: There is no specific number of points needed. However, if you have listed more than 10, you may want to review and edit your conten


Innovation Management Framework

This article introduces the corporate innovation management framework (v-CIM) and a targeted competitiveness assessment tool (i-TCA) that enables managers to decide on priorities for competitive development and adopt appropriate innovation strategies that are aligned with business goals:

This article analyzes the level of satisfaction among adult patients to achieve organizational growth:

This article focuses on a major healthcare organization in Thailand and the role cross-cultural communication plays in health care competition:

Review the following:

Talking Points Communique

Review the following:

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