International Business Common Law vs. Civil Law

850-1000 words To get started on your investigation into the international business community in conjunction with the various legal ramifications and laws, identify the two primary categories of law: the common and civil law systems. Focusing on the common and civil law world systems, use the library, Internet, and any other materials at your disposal to conduct a comparison and contrast of these two major world legal systems. Be sure to include examples of each and how it differs from the United States legal system. •Search the Internet or library, and research the 2 major world legal systems: common and civil law. •Document your findings on their similarities and differences between the 2 systems. ◾What are some of the challenges that United States-base d companies would face when conducting business internationally? Provide at least 2 examples. ◾ Explain if you believe that one legal system creates an unfair advantage over the other, and justify your stance. •Compose your findings into an 850–1,100 Word document, and be sure to cite your sources.