international student immigration

international student immigration, writing homework help

this is the guide to follow , but please use simple world and sentences AS SECOND  LANGUAGE . “10 PAGES ”


Final Paper Requirements

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* Cover page (Your name/TITLE OF PAPER:THE QUESTION/name of professor/Course Title/CRN Number/Date)

* Table of Contents

* Abstract (5 sentences) the findings about the research paper/policy brief or what we learned about the paper/policy brief)

* The Issues and The One Question That You Will address in the Research Paper Policy Brief)

* Background Info It must be reference APA

* Arguments: For. It must have referenced APA

* Arguments: Against. It must have referenced APA

* Contradictions

* Personal opinion

* Policy Recommendation (s) (Policy is a set of ideas that address a particular issue) *Minimum of 7 references and one of them must be from non-profit organization. No wikipedia