Interpersonal Communication Analysis Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to recognize the importance of various influences on communication and to analyze the process that occurs as a relationship is established, grows, and changes. In this context, relationship means the state or character of being interrelated: connected. This analysis is about the state of affairs existing between people who had dealings with each other. Movies present excellent case studies for analysis of specific relationships.


1. After watching the classroom movie, you will discuss with your colleagues your thoughts toward the subject matter as well as the theories of interpersonal communication that were evident to you in the movie.
2. Next, you will type a 3-5 page paper that identifies the communication phenomena you saw occurring (perception, nonverbal communication, empathic listening, etc.).
3. Three to five (3-5) concepts and terms form the book must be used in writing your paper.


The final outcome of this activity is a 3-5 page typewritten paper, which is a critical analysis of the movie, written in essay form. It should NOT be a chronological description of events. The paper should be well organized and written. A suggested organizational scheme is:

1. Introduction identifies relevant characters and major plot/premise of the movie and previews primary concepts discussed in the paper.
2. Analysis of communication and specific application of communication principles (take several major principles or ideas and support these with specific examples from the movie). I am searching for a comprehensive understanding of course materials. I want to know that you can draw links between concepts and that you understand the factors that influence our communication with others.
3. Evaluation. Pass judgment on the communication. (Is there any aspect of this movie that relates to your communication style? How do you think you would do in this type of relationship? What could the communicators have done differently?)

Note: things our Dr. mentioned to foucs at:

1. Do a quick review of the movie’s key characters and key plot in the opening. Be sure to give a brief preview of the concepts that you plan to discuss in your paper in the introduction.
2. Talk about five interpersonal communication concepts that you found in the movie. Make sure that you include quotes from the textbook. Those could be definitions or other insights, but I will be looking for some kind of quotes from the textbook. Give examples of the concepts that you saw in the movie. Share an analysis of how you think the characters did with the concept (were they good or bad at practicing the concept). Make personal connections, where possible, with the concepts.
3. Share a nice conclusion which could include some of your analysis or personal connections. Or it might just give a quickly summary of the movie and your key concepts.