interview two people who have college degrees and two people who have only high school degrees


For the last essay written out of class, you will write a compare/contrast essay.

Interview TWO people who have college degrees (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts) and TWO people who have only high school degrees. Then in a well-structured thesis-driven essay, compare and contrast all four individuals and their lives. How has their level of education affected them? What are their world views? Are they progressive/liberal? Conservative? Have their value systems changed? Do they have any regrets? What are their future plans? There are many questions that can be asked!

Your essay will:

  • be 950-1,500 words. Less than the minimum of 950 is an automatic ZERO
  • be spell-checked and grammar-checked
  • utilize PROPER MLA in-text citations
  • utilize a PROPER MLA Works Cited page (note that in MLA, it is not called References or Bibliography
  • have at least three sources from the GCC Library or the library’s search engines/database.

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