Intro to Psychology Topic 6

Topic 6: Memory  Objectives:  Identify three fundamental processes of memory. Explain how memories are encoded, stored and retrieved. Describe how the failure of encoding and retrieval are involved in forgetting. Evaluate study strategies based on an understanding of memory. Discuss the multiple functions of memory in human life.  Materials:  Read:  Chapter 6 Assignments:  By now you’re probably wondering why you have to do these study guides every chapter! They are my way of having you prove to me you’re studying this material and learning it. In a course of this nature, I have to have some way of assessing your coverage of this material—and the learning of it. So complete the following study guide questions using your own words and not regurgitating from the text. Include real life examples so that when I finish reading your assignment, I am convinced you’ve comprehended the text, and can apply it to your life. Good luck!

 Chapter 6 Study GuideFile  Chapter 6 Study Guide SubmissionAssignment  Assessments:  Complete the following assignment discussing the accuracy—or inaccuracy—of eye witness testimony.

 Eye Witness TestimonyFile  Eye Witness Testimony SubmissionAssignment

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