• Submit your Thesis or Creative Project Introduction

• Review your articles/sources and continue writing your 25 -page literature review due week eight

Thesis or Creative Project Introduction

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An Introduction is due at the end of Week 5.

The creative project is expected to contain the following elements in the introduction:  Provide a clear and lucid description of the creative project including the goal and intent of the project.  Discuss the schedule and objectives for the work to be completed.  • The background of the topic • Statement of the problem  • Statement of the purpose  • Research questions  • Significance of the study • Definitions of unclear terms  • Limitations/delimitations (you may also provide in the Methodology area as well),  • Assumptions  • Theoretical framework 

APA Format

Minimum of 10 Resources ( must have URL and dated in the last 5 Years) 

Minimum of 6 pages