Introduce Yourself to The University Introduction Essay

Using the guidelines set out in Practical Strategies for Technical Communication, write a message introducing yourself to your instructor and classmates. Treat this assignment as you would on the job. Establishing your identity in a community is a common first step in a position that you have recently secured! Your boss has asked you to post a message introducing yourself so that s/he can make the best use of your skills. Your introductory e-mail message should include the following content: • Biographical information, including your name, where you are from, what you prefer to be called, your hobbies, what clubs you belong to, and your primary e-mail address, and any social media sites that you are willing to share with work colleagues • Include an appropriate photo • Academic major, area of specialization, career and personal goals • Writing experiences at TAMUK, on the job, or in other areas, with details of specific writing projects you have completed • Technological skills, including what software you are comfortable using You must complete the assignment by 11:59 pm on Sunday, Sept. 6. You will get 20 bonus points for completing the assignment by the deadline and meeting the word count